Mission Statement

Inspired by the Rebbe - Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory - Chabad welcomes everyone who is seeking the wisdom and warmth of Judaism, regardless of religious background, affiliation, or financial means. 

Chabad enriches Jewish identity and helps ensure Jewish continuity through a variety of educational, religious and social services that increase Jewish pride, knowledge and commitment.

Chabad of Vancouver Island is dedicated to serving and reaching out to all Jews on Vancouver Island and to extend a hand with physical and spiritual support to those in need.


Rabbi Meir Kaplan 

rabbi.jpgRabbi Meir was born and raised in Tzefat, Israel, where his father was the founder and director of Chabad institutions and his mother worked as a teacher of advanced Jewish studies in a women’s college in the city.

Meir studied in rabbinical colleges in Tzfat, Tel Aviv and New York for over 10 years. During those years, he served as a student intern, providing educational programs and holiday events in Eastern Europe.

Upon completion of his studies, he was ordained by leading Rabbis from America & Israel. Rabbi Kaplan was a teacher and a Rosh Yeshiva in Oak Park, MI and Queens, NY before he accepted his current position. 

In the last fifteen years, under his leadership, Chabad of Vancouver Island has grown from a home-based institution to a vibrant centre for Jewish life, serving hundreds of Jewish families on the island with a wide variety of religious and social programs.


Mrs. Chani Kaplan 
Program Director

mm.jpgMrs. Chani Kaplan grew up in Oak Park, Michigan, where her father served as a Chabad rabbi for over twenty years. She studied at the local Chabad cheder and high school. She completed her college years in Beth Chana of Tzefat, Israel, and graduated with a teacher's degree majoring in Judaic Studies.

Chani taught for a year at Chabad in Anchorage, Alaska, where she was involved in developing the program serving the Jewish children in the community. When Chani returned to her home town, she taught at the Jewish elementary school.

With her passion for children and education, immediately upon her arrival in Victoria, she started a Jewish play group in the house basement. Today, Ctots Childhood Educational Centre, the only Jewish preschool on Vancouver Island, is a full-day program based at the “Jewish Education Centre.” In addition, Chani directs the successful weekly Chabad Hebrew School on Sundays and all of the children’s programs at Chabad Vancouver Island.


Chabad of Vancouver Island gratefully acknowledges a permissive tax exemption from the City of Victoria.