In memory of Rabbi Gabi and Rebbetzin Rivky Holtzberg,
who brought the light of Shabbat to Jewish people of all backgrounds in Mumbai, India.

Every Friday, the Light of Shabbat (LOS) Program delivers bags with items and food for Shabbat. These bags are sent to newcomers, new parents, those in mourning, those who moved home, the elderly, those recovering from surgery, and many more reasons. We are constantly reaching out to additional recipients. Sharon Fitch, LOS coordinator, is always looking for volunteers. If you are available on some Friday mornings to help deliver packages, please contact Sharon at [email protected]


 The Light of Shabbat Program is co-supported by JFVVI - Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island


The goals of the Light of Shabbat Program are: 

  • To bring the light of Shabbat into Jewish homes by delivering Shabbat bags with food and other items on Fridays
  • To spread this mitzvah through the dedication of volunteers
  • To foster community spirit

If you would like to volunteer for this AMAZING project - please email  [email protected]

Participating Volunteers


               Drivers            Telephoners

Lindy Shortt

Josie Davidson

Malca Casiro

Linda Green





Dana Brinley

Irv (Irwin) Brody 

Pascalle Sabina Ricard

Linda Green

Julie Elisabeth

Fiona Prince & Ron Heron

Ireta Fisher Cowall

Terry Globman

Linda Bonder

Ed Fitch

Juliet Simon

Barry Zalmanowitz

Audrey Freidin

Joni Persad

Ed Fitch

Don Morris

Barbara Borenstein



Shoshana Kort Litman

Faye Katzman

Jeanette Cohen











Advisor: Rabbi Meir Kaplan

Advisor: Chani Kaplan

Coordinator: Sharon Fitch

Office Asst: Leemore Arama