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Rosh Hashana Wish

Friday, 12 September, 2014 - 2:13 pm

Last week I called George, I knew that his elderly father, who lives in California, was terminally ill with cancer, so I wanted to find out how he was doing. George's surprising response left me in awe.

"My father is getting weaker all the time, and he understands very well his current health situation” George tells me, “ but there is only one thing on his mind these days - how will he be able to get to Shul on Rosh Hashana... He started a walking exercise and is trying to walk a bit further every day, with the hope that by Rosh Hashana he will be able to make it to Shul".

I have never met George's father, but his story moved me so much. Imagine, the greatest wish of a man during this last stage of his life is to be able to attend Services on Rosh Hashana!

Yet on second thought, it actually seemed to me the most natural thing to do. What could be better than gathering with your brothers and sisters to welcome a new year? Could there be something more powerful than taking time to set up goals and pray for the coming year? Is there anything more meaningful than celebrating the core of our identity? 

Especially in these challenging times, we should be there with one another to pray for our families, our community, Jews wherever they may be, and for all of mankind. If not on Rosh Hashana, then when?

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Don Morris wrote...

~Profoundly inspirational~
Thank you for sharing this Rabbi.
Best to George. And especially his Dad.