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The Mothers of Israel...

Friday, 22 August, 2014 - 7:14 am

Dear Friends,

In the last two weeks we have been in many places across Israel, from the north to the south, in the busy streets of the major cities and in the narrow alleys of the old towns. I think the children collected many great memories; one of the powerful ones was last Tuesday.

We took the bus from Jerusalem to the old city of Chevron to the cave of the Machpela, the resting place of Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivkah and Ya'akov and Leah.

photo (4).JPGI have never been there in such a quiet time. The big ancient building was nearly empty, perhaps another three families were visiting with us; it was very intimate.

The older children didn't need much explanation, they knew from their studies that they are walking on the first parcel of land Avram bought in the land of Israel, they were very excited to be praying on the gravesite of the patriarchs and matriarchs they are were hearing about from a tender age.

Mussi, our oldest, was engaged in a very lively conversation with Rochel. She took her to each of the tombs and explained her with great passion about the mothers and fathers of our people. Chani and I have never seen Mussi taking that role before.

At the bus stop we saw two young girls, pointing on our children and smiling. "Are you Mrs. Kaplan's son?" one of them asked; without waiting for my confirmation she continued "we just got back from Tzfat, where we traveled to get some wisdom from her".

Leaving the cave of the Matriarchs I was happy to be reminded that there are mothers of Israel today, who are leading the way forward. Older sisters too…

Comments on: The Mothers of Israel...

Don Morris wrote...

beautiful! miss you all!

Heidi Exner wrote...

So sweet. Big sisters are so important! :)

Michael Friedman wrote...

Can't wait to hear about it from the kids themselves.

Steve Baker wrote...

Beautiful. This is nachas:)))