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Visiting home

Friday, 1 August, 2014 - 6:11 pm

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, Chani and I and all of our children will be going to Israel for a visit. Many people have asked us "Are you sure you want to go now?" My answer is Davka (especially) now!" Here is why:

The attack of Hamas is not against Israel, it's against us all. The covenant of this terrorist organization doesn't differentiate between a Jew in Israel or a Jew in Canada. The rockets that rain on Israel are not targeting a party with a certain political view and the tunnels they dug are meant to destroy lives of people of whom we share the same faith.

israel.jpgWe are not going there as supporters of Israel, but as the people of Israel. In Canada or in France, in Australia or in China, we are all one; and a family must come together during difficult times.

We are also going to Israel with great hope. I want to show my children that we have rebuilt our ancient homeland; I would like them to see a vibrant  Jewish culture. A place where Jewish holidays are the national holidays, where the Holy Tongue is the spoken language, and where Kosher is the default for your typical restaurant.

I want them to witness a place that, despite all of their hardships, have established a very strong and innovative society, a country that continues to contribute to the world at large in every aspect of human life. I'd like them to see Jewish people praying again at the City of King David and at the tomb of Rachel. I want them to sing Lecha Dodi in the city where it was composed and study the Talmud in the locations it was written and be surrounded by living memories of our three millennia of history.

By the end of this trip I hope they will feel that, while their home as a family is in Canada, their home as a people is Israel, a parcel of land for which we have yearned for 2,000 years and we pray every day to return to it permanently with a complete redemption. May we live to see it and celebrate together. AMEN!

Comments on: Visiting home

Sid Tafler wrote...

I honour your decision to go to Israel. I have been there in times of difficulty and would go again. You deserve all the kovod and respect. Am Yisrael chai!

Chris Francis wrote...

Kol ha Kavod!

Marvin Sharpe wrote...


Gerry Stanford/Gershom ben Abba wrote...

Rabbi Meir and Chani,
I salute you and Chani for taking your children to Eretz Israel at this time to show them these things and that they are part of the people of our land just as much as the people living there permanently, and incidentally showing to us temporarily in the Diaspora that Israel is our land just as much as it is of the Jewish people living there permanently, and that we can return there any time we wish or have need to.
Enjoy your visit and give our blessings to any members of the IDF that you meet,and our greetings to your Mother and your Family.

Alan and Susan kendal wrote...


After our visit to Israel last year, seeing family and important aspects of achievements and problems, and a country where we felt very much "at home" we understand your decision.

We hope for you all that you will achieve your objectives, and see peace return before you must leave again.

Wishing you a safe and trouble free journey, that you find your family and friends safe and well, and that you will look back on the trip as a major family life event.

Betty Mortin wrote...

We shall be with you in spirit.