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We should be proud!

Thursday, 24 July, 2014 - 2:01 pm

Dear Friends,

It is not an easy time in Israel. Days of fear and anxiety, have been replaced by hours of sadness and grief. The chain of events of the past weeks have been gloomy and most difficult; and at times, it has felt like a dark and hopeless state. Seeing innocent people dying is heartbreaking. It is during these times that we need to find positive aspects that could allow us to see some light within the darkness.



As Jews, we should be proud that the state of Israel decided to undertake  a battle to protect the lives of 75% of its population. The citizens in all of the major Israeli cities live under constant attacks from thousands of rockets, fired by a terrorist Jihadist organization that is fanatically committed to the destruction of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. There is no war more justified that this one. 



We are proud that the state of Israel acts with enormous compassion. We know that no country in the world would go through so much effort to avoid killing the innocent. The IDF risk the lives of our young soldiers in ground forces in difficult battle in urban areas, where terrorists hide and shoot from schools, hospitals, and homes - all in an effort to minimize the casualties among the innocent. They announce impending operations   to enable residents to flee despite the fact that it allows their heinous enemy to find alternate positions for attack.


We feel proud when we see the humane way the Israeli government treats the people of Gaza. Israel continues to supply all their necessities through the border crossing, while Israeli officers are attacked by rockets and also placed in danger of terrorists making their way through underground tunnels on killing missions. 



We feel proud of the way Israelis treat the Palestinians who were injured as a result of the war. This includes those who were injured due to their own decision to stay in the war zone, or to become human shields for terrorists. The Israelis opened a field hospital at the border crossing to heal the wounded, regardless of their affiliation and involvement; they do all this under fire of rockets raining from Gaza.



It warms our hearts when we see the strong unity of our people. One expression of it was when two young soldiers from the US,  Sean Carmeli and Max Steinberg z"l, who had volunteered to serve in the IDF, lost their lives. They were in Israel without family. Over thirty thousand(!) people came to each of their funerals to give them that last honour, and to be there as one big family.



tunnel.jpgWe feel grateful that, thank G-d, the army discovered a net of underground tunnels before the terrorists could utilize them for the evil purpose for which they were constructed.  The soldiers are doing their best, under fire to destroy these terror tunnels. 





In the video clip below, you can watch the spirit, faith, warmth and friendship of the Israeli soldiers, on their break from fighting on behalf of our people, right outside of Gaza.

The translation of the chorus of the song:

Whoever has faith is not afraid, 
And we have the King of the world, 
Who guards us from all.

This nation is a family,  
One plus one is the secret of success,
The nation of Israel will not give up, 
We shall forever remain on the map. 





We will continue to pray and do mitzvot for the safety of the heroes of the IDF, we will include in our prayers the two children from our community who are currently serving in the IDF - Yosef ben Rivka and Steven ben Baruch. May the al-mighty G-d send success in their mission to eliminate the terrorist threat from Israel; may it be without any casualties to them or to any other innocent people; may it bring the days of ultimate peace closer when, “they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift the sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore".



Comments on: We should be proud!

lorna Denning wrote...

Dear Rabbi Kaplan

Yours words are so meaningful and appreciated at this time of anguish! Thank you. Lorna Denning


Don Morrs wrote...

Thank you Rabbi for keeping our hearts uplifted and our minds informed~