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Bar Mitzvah completed!

Friday, 3 January, 2014 - 12:47 am

One Shabbat afternoon last year when I was standing outside the Shul with Mr. Max Gross, he shared with me the feeling of regret that he had carried for over seven decades. 

"Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, I had a friend who had the same birthday as mine. When our 13th birthday was approaching, the question that arose was who would read the Haftorah on the Shabbat of our Bar Mitzvahs.

Being that my friend was doing better in his Hebrew studies, the Shul had decided that he would read the Haftorah and I would chant the blessings prior to and following the Haftorah. I agreed....

However, it did pain me then, and that feeling has never left me. Now, 75 years later, I still regret that I never got to read my Haftora for my Bar Mitzvah."

To make long story short, after over a year of preparation, Reb Mordechi is ready to read his Bar Mitzvah Haftorah properly, like every Bar Mitzvah boy.

Tomorrow - Shabbat Parashat Bo,  Max will celebrate his 89th birthday and his 65th wedding anniversary, but above all he is excited to complete his Bar Mitzvah celebration, which started in January of 1938. What a Simcha!

Comments on: Bar Mitzvah completed!

Mordechai Milotay wrote...

On the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah I wish Max success, happiness, friendship. health and adventure.

Michael Friedman wrote...

Shavua tov to all. This morning in shul, our friend Max chanted his Haftorah with feeling and precision. We showered him with candies. Yasher Koach, Max.