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Fresh Water to a Weary Soul

Friday, 4 March, 2011 - 1:30 pm

Dear Friends,

It was one of the most heartbreaking meetings I had in Victoria, when Mindel, a young Jewish woman came with her father, her husband and her two little children to see me. After a recurring cancer was found in her brain, she was told that if a miracle doesn’t happen, she had only six months to live.

All I can recall from that morning was how my heart was going out for that young family, and how sorry I felt that I couldn't be of much help, especially since they lived a few hours up the Island.

This was sixteen months ago. Since then, I haven’t seen Mindel and her family. I have called their home several times and left messages, but we never got to speak. 

This week I called again and Mindel answered the phone. In our short conversation she told me that although she feels pretty well, the doctors continue to tell her that her health situation is worsening, "but I carry on living my life as full as I can," she said.

To my great surprise, she sounded very much in peace and with a positive outlook.  I complemented her for her strength in keeping her spirits up, under the most difficult circumstance.

"Two things are keeping me going," she said, "two thoughts I heard from you at our meeting... First the analogy you gave me of the moon which after it disappears, it starts shining again every day a little more...

"The other thing is I'm lighting Shabbat candles as you suggested, and I meditate on the idea you shared with me, that the flame on the candle is like the soul attached to the body.  I'm lighting the candles with the prayer and hope that my soul should stay in this world, to allow me to continue doing my mission on earth."

To be truthful I must say that I couldn't remember a thing I said that morning. All I was able to recall was the family’s worried faces and my inability to help.

Never underestimate the power of positive and hopeful words. When they enter the hearts of those who are eager for it, it can be like fresh water to a weary soul.

Comments on: Fresh Water to a Weary Soul

Noemi Masson wrote...

Thank you Rabbi Meir and Chani Kaplan, for the strenghth and support you give us all, on this Island. We must pray for Mindel and her familly.
Shabbat shalom,
Noemi Hadassah

Ireta Fisher Cowall wrote...

Thank you for who you and Chani are with everyone who makes themselves known to you.

I would like to visit the family.
Gut Shabbos,

yosef kutner wrote...

please give regards to the 2 wonderful families that we had the privilage to share Pesach last year.Thanks to you they made our sedar special

Shari wrote...

I am Mindel's sister & I am so grateful for your positive words that she retained, as well as your prayers for her.