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Wisdom shared with the world

Friday, 18 February, 2011 - 12:47 pm


Dear Friends,

It was over three years ago that we had the great pleasure of hearing, for the first time in Victoria, the world renowned speaker Rabbi Manis Friedman. From the feedback we have received following that lecture, we know that the impact of this class was profound, one of the most powerful events since the establishment of Chabad of Vancouver Island.  From this month on the entire world can take pleasure in watching that remarkable class.

When I opened the main Chabad site this week I saw the title "Getting to like the people you love" and under a picture of Rabbi Friedman standing in a background I recognized.  It was our little Shul in Victoria!

It took me a few seconds to remember the story of that video.  We only knew a few days in advance that we’d have the privilege to hear Rabbi Friedman. I was excited, as I thought that it was such a unique opportunity for our community.

Mike, a videographer who was working on a film for us at the time, heard of the class’s title and told me, "You know I'm not Jewish, but it sounds so interesting, can I come and record it?"

“Life changing lecture;” “The most enjoyable class;” “It helped me with so many things of life;” “The most beautiful understanding of Jewish faith” are just some of the responses we got following that evening.

By request of many, we made a DVD of that lecture for sale and 100 of them were sold within days in Victoria alone. As our appreciation, I sent the original video tapes to Rabbi Friedman's office.

A few weeks ago a full length video of the class became available for viewing online through 

If you weren’t there, and even if you already heard it once, you can watch here a lesson that is guaranteed to give you a new perspective on living as a Jew, in a humorous and engaging manner.

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