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Brotherly love...

Friday, 20 March, 2015 - 4:29 pm


As many Jews around the world I have been watching the Israeli election, as an Israeli perhaps a bit closer than others. Following any election could be difficult; following the Israeli election campaigns is disturbing.

The fact that people have different opinions and ideas is great but the rift between one people is painful. It hurts to see the insults and disrespect, the sharp and personal attacks and delegitimization of others... 

I must say that as a former Israeli I believe that this doesn’t reflect the truth of the spirit of the Israelis, our brothers and sister living in our homeland. 

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Benyamin, a 80 year old man from Petach Tikvah was marking yesterday the Yahrzeit of his late wife, he wanted to go to the cemetery to say Kaddish by her resting place in the Segulah cemetery. His son, Rafi, was concerned that there will not be a Minyan, so he posted on Facebook asking people to come in the middle of the business day to help his father get a Minyan.

When Benyamin arrived, hundreds of people, who never met him, left everything behind and came to be there for him..

Benyamin was crying when he said Kaddish, it wasn’t about the loss of his wife it was about the love of his brothers. This is the real spirit of Israel.

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Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Dear Rabbi,
So true. Am Yisroel is really one family.
Shabbat Shalom