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24 hours of reflection

Friday, 24 October, 2014 - 4:05 pm

 Dear Friends,

It was a week full of emotions. It started with the terrorist attack against soldiers in Quebec, continued with the killing of a soldier at the National War Memorial and the shooting in Parliament Hill, and then the murder of a three month old baby in a brutal attack in the center of Jerusalem.

These terrible and tragic events provides us with a unique opportunity:

nathan-cirillo-at-national-war-memorial2.jpegWhen we are horrified that soldiers who look after our safety are being attacked on our soil, when we are shocked by the attempts to terrorize the parliament of our country, and when we are in pain when an infant is targeted just because of being Jewish - it gives us an opportunity for reflection. To reflect on our beliefs, to re-emphasize the values we stand for, and to have greater appreciation for the principles that guide our lives. 

baby at the kotel.jpg There is no better time to do it than on Shabbat. An opportunity to turn off our computer, radio, TV and smartphone, and sit with ourselves, our family, friends and community. For twenty four hours we can enjoy the peacefulness of Shabbat and take some time to think about the core value of our identity as Jews and as Canadians.

Keeping Shabbat every week can give us the sanity we need for our lives; by doing it THIS Shabbat you will be joining hundreds of thousands of Jews who are participating in The Shabbat Project, an international initiative to experience the sacredness, peacefulness and beauty of Shabbat. You can join the world over beginning with candle lighting this evening (5:49pm in Victoria) until nightfall tomorrow (6:53pm in Victoria).
Tomorrow morning in our Shul, we will be paying respect to the murdered soldiers and we’ll be making a special prayer for the Canadian men and women in uniform and to the Government of Canada, the country we love and care for so much. May G-d keep our land glorious and free! 
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10/24/2014 wrote...

May the Shabbos lights that we kindle tonight to bring in Shabbos in Victoria add to the magnificent light of the hundreds of thousands of Shabbos candles lit throughout the world in honour of Shabbat and the Shabbat Project.
May this light bring a measure of comfort to those who are grieving because of the recent tragedies of the last few days in Canada, Israel and elsewhere.
May this light reach into the darkest corners.

Gut Shabbos dear Kaplan family.

Shmuel and Lindy