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Unexpected meeting

Friday, 29 August, 2014 - 7:44 am

Dear Friends, 

Last Sunday, as of every day in our 20 days in Israel (excluding Shabbat), we were getting ready for another family trip to a site that we wanted our children to visit. This was our plan until my sister in law was on the phone.

"I would be happy to look after your children so you can go by yourself this morning" she generously offered, and suggested that we should go to a close by winery and dairy goat farm for breakfast.

We accepted her kind offer and we took my mother along to the lovely "Yekev Adir" in the village of Dalton. It was a beautiful morning, the breakfast was delicious and the place was very calm. We realized that it was a great idea...

photo (20).JPGWe were sitting in the patio of that little restaurant when a very familiar face appeared at the door. Our dear friend from Victoria, Maya Herzog, who also taught in our Hebrew School last year, suddenly showed up. We were all shocked, for a moment I thought she was sent by someone...

"It was a last minute decision to go on birthright trip to Israel" she explained, “we were inside the building when I thought I saw you out the window..."

I was prepared for one of these "Kotel" sudden meeting of a Victorian, I absolutely didn’t expect it in quiet Dalton... 

It was a great bonus for a lovely morning in the gorgeous Galil Mountains in northern Israel.

Comments on: Unexpected meeting

Lindy Shortt wrote...

Welcome back! We cannot wait to hear about all of your wonderful adventures and times with meshpachah.

How lovely that you ran into sweet Maya!

Looking forward to seeing you and some of the kinderlach tomorrow at the Annex.

Gut Shabbos,


Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Baruch Habayim!
Looking forward to hearing all about your travels in Eretz Yisroel shel lanu!
Shabbat Shalom!