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At the Arrival in Auschwitz

Friday, 23 May, 2014 - 2:04 pm

Dear friends,

When I went to visit my dear friend and holocaust survivor George Pal yesterday, as I do regularly, I didn't expect the personal discovery that I was about to hear. 

After George graciously invited me in and offered me a cup of coffee, he pointed to a pile of paper on the table and said "I think you will find it interesting..."

"Last week I was searching for a live interview with Prof. Elie Weisel, and I got on to the website of the Claim Conferance.

George Pal.jpgIn the homepage of the site they featured a picture of the selection in Auschwitz. I looked at the picture and right in front I saw myself, at the age of 17, arriving at this death camp!"

George lifted up the picture and it was very clear that it was him, standing at that famous tragic line before facing Josef Mengele, now known as 'The Angel of Death'.

George told me of his last encounter with his grandfather, who was taken to the gas chambers. I had heard the story before, but when George was holding that picture in his hand - it sounder more real than ever.

And the message, to me, was also very real. I'm pleased to share it all with you: 

Comments on: At the Arrival in Auschwitz

George Pal wrote...

Thank you for preparing this video and the Blog, my dear friend Meir.
Shalom Shabbat

Joannie wrote...

I'm speechless and riveted in my chair. I always think to myself how would I have been had I been born at the time of the Holocaust. How would I have survived? I don't know. I thank Hashem everyday for sparing me.

Mr. Pal can recall what happened to him and his family almost moment by moment. How painful that must be for him, yet through his memory we understand it how fortunate we are to live as free Jews. His very being is a blessing. G-d should bless him with health, happiness and prosperity.

Susan Ruth Date wrote...

Thank you Mr. Pal and Rabbi Meir for this incredible video of Mr Pal's horrendous experience during the Holocaust. The miracle is that Mr. Pal is here today among us, to tell the story, and remember his relatives who were tragically taken from life before their time, due to the cruelty of others.
They shall never be forgotten.

inna Smolov wrote...

Because you share your memories with us , Mr. Pal- we may remember and tell our children.

As one french writer put it : " many have suffered and perished... our memories are their only grave....".
These are the words written on the Holocaust Memorial wall in the heart of Venetisn Ghetto.
5/25/2014 wrote...

Shavua Tov,

Thank you, George, for sharing this heartbreaking and horrendous experience with us. May your precious Uncle Poldi's memory be a blessing to you and all Israel. I am sure that his tears cleansed what he thought his sin was not his was the sin of those who chose evil instead of good and forced their will on others. His adherence to and love for the mitzvot was the goodness that shone from him and maybe encouraged others as they were suffering as you did.
Thank you for your ever courageous sharing of your life.
May Hashem bless you with health and joy.

Lindy Shortt