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Moment of Nachas

Friday, 31 January, 2014 - 12:43 am

As every parent experiences, our children give us all kind of moments. At times laughter and joy, but on other occasions distress and disappointment. Today, I'd like to share a moment of Nachas with you.

Avram, a good friend and member of the community mentioned to me that he will be completing a Seder of Mishna, a section in the book of the "Oral Torah", and as customary he would like to make a "Siyum" - a celebration in honour of this occasion, on the following Shabbat.

When Leibel heard of it, he said that he will complete a tractate of Mishna for the very first time at  school this week. "That would make it a double Simcha", I responded.

On shabbat, after the conclusion of services, I announced  the Siyum, and I said that Avram will be sharing an insight from his learning at the Kiddush. Then I added, "Leibel will hopefully also share from the learning he did in school on the tractate that he completed".

As we were walking over to the Kiddush, Leibel turned to me, "I'm ready to speak, but I don't know what to say..."

"Do you remember one Minsha in particular that you'd like to Share?", I asked.

Leibel told me that he was intrigued by the Mishna that speaks of the joy that took place at the festival of Sukkot at the temple in Jerusalem, especially the description how the young priests climbed the ladders to light very tall Menorahs, which illuminated the entire city.

At the Kiddush, Leibel shared this story with excitement, and then he added, "from this we can learn that it doesn't matter your age - you can bring a lot of light to the world".... 

Comments on: Moment of Nachas

Inna wrote...

And I am sure that Leibel will bring the LIGHT to the world. Just like his parents are doing for years now and will continue, G-D willing, for many years to come.

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Shabbat Shalom dear Rabbi and Family,
Mazel Tov to Avram and Leibel. We are delighted to have heard these beautiful words first hand. Such nachas watching the kinder growing and participating more. May we enjoy many Simchot together in Good Health.