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"Through Fire and Water"

Friday, 24 January, 2014 - 3:45 am

Whatever our position may be about the Middle East, the solution to its conflicts and the role of Israel in bringing a brighter future to the region, I believe we should be very proud Canadians after this week.  

You see, regardless of different opinions that there are, here are three truths which, I believe, most of us can agree on:

1. Israel is a the only real democracy in the middle east which practices freedom and fair human rights. 
2. Israel is being condemned by the international community in a terribly disproportional way.
3. The condemnation of Israel in many cases is based on antisemitism.

For these reasons only, it is the mandate of the western world to stands by Israel, and express its support. Sadly, this doesn't happen too often. Firstly, because of a propaganda that has been successful in hiding these facts, and secondly, because of the cost that country leaders may pay for it, politically and perhaps economically.

Whatever our opinion may be on Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister visited Israel to tell our brothers and sisters that  "through fire and water, Canada will stand with you" "because its right to do so". As Canadian I think we should be proud that the leader of our country is choosing to stand with the Jewish state, regardless of the cost, and he is to doing it just because it is the moral thing to do.

There is much more that I would like to say about it, and I plan, G-d willing, to share it in my sermon, tomorrow morning after the Torah Reading. Yes, it is an invitation...

Comments on: "Through Fire and Water"

Michael Friedman wrote...

Even sovereign states can speak truth to power, as PM Harper has done on Canada's behalf. No statesman before him has enunciated the link between singling Israel out for criticism and anti-Semitism in its contemporary form. Kol ha'kavod, PM Harper.

Lesley Friedmann wrote...

Thank you, PM Harper, for articulating so eloquently Israel's role in establishing the basic foundations of freedom, equality, and human dignity that are at the core of what is required to secure true peace in this world. Yes, Israel is in the almost impossible place of having to secure its essential existence, and for this we are singled out by the UN every time its Human Rights Council meets. It is reassuring that, perhaps, one leader acknowledges Israel as a country that does not oppress or deny its citizens their fundamental human rights and freedoms; instead, it has risen above the injustice done to its people and secured a free, rights-respecting country.

Thank you for standing with us PM Harper.

Gerald B. Stanford wrote...

Thank God for our Prime Minister for keeping our Country and our Cause strong and Thank God for Stephen Harper's Canadian International support for Bibi and our Country in this on the international stage. We must keep up our own strength with him and our country to defeat those who would weaken us in the face of Arabist propaganda; read Bibi's book "A Durable Peace, which lays the situation out clearly.