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The Shaky Steady Sukkah

Thursday, 10 October, 2013 - 11:00 pm

As soon as the holiday of Sukkot was over - it's started pouring... I thought we should wait to put down the Community Sukkah until it dried a bit... But then I got a phone call from a kind neighbour reporting that "the Sukkah is collapsing"...

I was shopping with the children when I got the message. When leaving the store I realized the windstorm was raging; "we must rush to Shul" I told them with panic "the sukkah is falling down..".

Rivky looked at me and said "Tatty, but you remember that song - the sukkah will never fall down."

Rivky was referring to a song in Yiddish we have chanted many times in the Sukkah called "A Sukkalke a Klaine".  Here is the translation:

A sukkale, a little one,
Of meagre boards,
I made myself a sukkale,
Covered the roof,
With a bit of schach,
I sit myself down in the sukkale at night.

A wind, a cold one,
Blows through the cracks,
And the little candles,
They flicker so much,
It amazes me,
How I make me Kiddush,
And the candles burn so still!

For the first course,
With a pale face,
My little daughter brings in,
She stands there,
And says with fright,
"Tatale, the sukka is about to fall in!"

"Don't be a fool,
Don't have any fear,
Don't let the sukka give you any grief,
It is already,
Almost two thousand years,
And the sukkale, she is still standing all this time!"

For us the story was in reverse order - the little daughter taught her father a lesson...

We went quickly to the Sukkah, with help of good friends we collected the pieces, thank G-d, it was very minimally damaged.

The 'Sukkale' is stored for next year; it may shake again in the Winds of Time but will continue to stand firmly as ever.


Comments on: The Shaky Steady Sukkah

Marlene Herzstein wrote...

Rabbi, Would you mind writing the words in Yiddish? I think I have heard them in the past, and I would enjoy seeing how they relate to the English.

You always have such meaningful messages in your blogs. I really enjoy reading them.