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Sweet Memories

Wednesday, 18 September, 2013 - 2:52 pm

Seven years ago, when we built the community Sukkah for the first time, we wanted to be good neighbours.

As you know, the Jewish Education Centre is in the annex building of Quadra Elementary School;  we thought that it would be appropriate to invite the school children to our Sukkah. I met the principal and invited the kindergarten children to come to our Sukkah and learn about the festival, Jewish culture and religion.

Chani didn't only invite the kids she made sure that they had a blast! They tasted apples and honey, pomegranates and honey cake. They made colourful decorations for the Sukkah and they even came for a tour of the Shul, where they were fascinated by the Torah Scroll and the rest...

You can imagine that it became the school tradition  - for the next six years all the children of kindergarten had a day of hands-on learning about Jewish faith.

Last year, when walking one day through the playground of the school I looked around and realized that over the last seven years every child of this school has been with us for a visit that we hope left them with sweet memories of what Judaism stands for...

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