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A heavenly signpost

Friday, 2 August, 2013 - 1:10 pm

This week we marked ten years since we arrived on Vancouver Island for the first time.  It was at a Fido cell phone booth in the mall in Vancouver where I got my first chill... 

first visit to victoria.jpgWe were doing our last errands, getting ready to take the ferry over to see the island for the first time.  We stopped at the mall to rent a phone for the two weeks we were planning to spend in Victoria during this visit.

"Do you have any preferences for a number?" the man at the counter asked.  I told him that being that this is very temporary it really doesn't matter. So he gave me the first choice of a Victoria number.

Now, I'm not the kind that searches for mystical meanings in phone numbers and I don't guide my life with superstitions, but when I heard the number I was blown away. 

A year before when I lived in my hometown Tzfat, Israel, my last 5 digits - out of six - were the same, in that order!

While it seems to be an insignificant occurrence - it came to me at a defining moment. My head was filled with thoughts and wonders - am I really heading to my future home, to the place where we will spend the rest of our lives?

I saw it as another heavenly signpost; this time in a form of a phone number - you didn't get lost, you are on your way to a place which you can call home. 

Comments on: A heavenly signpost

Nadav- Don Morris wrote...

Dear Rabbi Meir,

You are obviously where you need to be for yourself, your family, for us, and of course for Hashem!

Why am I so certain? let's say I/we know this is true for it comes through your presence and your fine/refined service to us, the Jewish community.

G-d bless you and your family! And thank you for coming here
to this island outpost! You are certainly needed!

Congratulations to you and Chani on this 10th year anniversary!

Please Hashem keep them in good health, top form, for another ten.
And bless their beautiful children too!

With warmth of love and gratitude,


Hey, Good Shabbos!!

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Dear Rabbi Meir, Rebbetzin Chani and kinder!
Mazel Tov on this wonderful milestone. Your presence has and continues to enrich our lives. Your presence has and will impact the lives of generations to come. We anticipate many, many more incredible milestones in the decades to follow.
With appreciation,
Elisabeth and George