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The new popsicle story

Friday, 19 July, 2013 - 1:08 pm

This afternoon the campers of CGI will be having a tasty surprise; what is special about it is that it comes with a great story. 

As you may know it has been very busy around here.  In addition to Chani directing and running the camp, warm lunch has been prepared for the 40+ children and staff in our kitchen every day.  A few years ago Chani had another daily task - making homemade fruit popsicles for the children at camp.  The reason: one of the children couldn't have sugar and Chani wanted to make sure that everyone would enjoy a treat at the end of the day, so a few dozen of frozen strawberry-banana treats have been prepared every morning...

teapop.jpgBut today the kids will get healthy, sugar free, organic, kosher popsicles - made in Victoria, but not in our house... 

Not long ago, the mother of David - the child who couldn't have sugar -  in her effort to prepare for him a summer treat - came up with the idea of freezing tea into a popsicle. To make a long story short - today this homemade idea became TeaPops, which has been recognized - even before its official launch - as a top-rated product internationally. Chances are that in not too long - it will be found in many thousands of stores across North America and beyond.

I've been regularly in the Baker's home while this great idea has been developed and I've seen the vision and the enthusiasm.  We are so happy that this is already succeeding beyond any expectation.

When we will give the children at camp today the very tasty TeaPops, it will come with a message:  When you have a good idea - don't be afraid to think big.  A mother's idea in the kitchen of her home made it in a very short time to the international stage. 

Comments on: The new popsicle story

Dionne Laslo-Baker wrote...

Thank you Rabbi! Our TeaPops almost feel like our third child! I am very passionate about our TeaPops and wanted to make these healthy, delicious and nutricious treats available to anyone and everyone. To help make this happen we are certified: kosher, organic, Non-GMO (no genetically modified ingredients at all), gluten-free, dairy free, nut and soy free, and vegan. I am very excited to come and see the kids today!! Warmest regards and best to all. Dionne

Sharon Fitch wrote...

All the very best success to Dionne in her new fabulous venture.

Ireta Fisher wrote...

Dionne is one feisty gal who makes the circumstances rather than be a victim of circumstances. You go girl.

Ana Porzecanski wrote...

What I find most amazing is that I actually know the creator of a product that will soon sell in stores, and is recognized internationally! In this world of global anonymity, to actually know personally someone that invented, produced and marketed a product, and is not hiding in layers and layers of corporations is quite a wonderful occurrence!
Way to go, Dionne!! May you go on to multiple successes!

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Dear Rabbi,
What an inspiring story! Mazel Tov to the Baker family and wishing them every success in their new endeavor!
Elisabeth and George

Angry Ice Guy wrote...

I just bought a mint roibos teapop. I want to be perfectly clear about this. The teapop was Bad. It tasted odd, was vaguely spicey in a way that had nothing to do with mint, roibos or really tea for that matter. It was somehow creamy in a way you expect vaguely translucent brown ice blocks on a stick to be - but NOT in a way you would expect frozen mint tea to be. This thing tasted so surprising in its not-goodness that I angrily threw it out the window. This frozen "treat" is 99% political bullshit and 1% ACTUAL shit. Do not buy. You have been warned.