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Unleash the Power

Friday, 5 July, 2013 - 4:18 pm


When I read the news on Tuesday, I had to rub my eyes in shock. Here, in peaceful Victoria?!  A terrorist plot?!  At the Legislature Grounds?! 

My thought following the news this week: 

If, Heaven forbid, this evil plan would have been executed, Victoria would not have been the same city.  This would have affected the energy of the Island for a very long time.  Every resident in the city and in Canada is very thankful to the legal authorities for stopping the plot in its very early stages and thereby eliminating tremendous harm.

But what is the message?  What can we take out of this evil intention?

Living on an island makes us often seem isolated, while it is only an airplane or boat ride away – yet, we feel as if we’re living on a different continent.  This incident has shown us that we are still part of the reality of the world.  Two people inspired by ideology of destruction could have turned this city into a place of fear and trepidation.

Our sages teach us that "the measure of goodness is greater than the measure of calamity", meaning that the impact that one can have with goodness and kindness exceeds that of wickedness and evil.

Here is a message: collect acts of goodness, compassion, and kindness, put them in a pressure cooker so it has maximum effect and release it in the most public way so it will reach the masses. If we unleash the infinite power of our soul - Victoria won't be the same. The rest of our world too.

Comments on: Unleash the Power

Ed Fitch wrote...

Thank you, Rabbi Kaplan, for pointing out the positive and Jewish thing to do in any situation.

Gut Shabbos,


Lorna Denning wrote...

What happenned In Boston did not change the people there. It just made them more vigilent and stronger. Victoria was indeed very lucky, but it is our responsibility to always be alert against violence and evil!


Rochelle Anderson wrote...

Thank you for those very moving words Rabbi. I also believe that the good will always win over the negative and that showing kindness and compassion is the best way to live, thereby setting examples for our children and greater community around us.

Shabbot Shalom and all the best to your wonderful family,