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Jewish life on the Island is exciting again!

Friday, 21 June, 2013 - 3:38 pm

Dear friends,

Yesterday, a group of about 50 Jewish seniors from the mainland came for a visit to Victoria and joined us for lunch. When entering the Jewish Education Centre, one lady was looking very closely at the preschool in the other room, with great interest.

After Lunch I got into a conversation with her. "I was raised in Victoria" she said, "Our home was 4 houses down the road on Quadra. We were 10 Jewish children at the time. we used to get together on some Shabbats for Services and sometimes on Sundays for Hebrew learning too... The experience was somewhat gloomy and dark, and I don't have very exciting memories from it… When I was watching the Preschool - I saw the bright space and the great happiness of the children - It filled my heart with joy, I'm sure this will have such a positive effect on these children. Jewish life on the Island is exciting again!"

While it is always encouraging to know that we make a difference, hearing it from a Jewish lady who grew up in Victoria in the 40s was very heartwarming.

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Ana Porzecanski wrote...

What was her name?

it is possibly that some of our old-timers might have known her or her family.
Ana Porzecanski