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The Traveling Mitzvah

Friday, 10 May, 2013 - 3:13 pm

Last year I wrote on this blog about my emotional visit in Israel on Lag B'omer. This story was featured on the home page of two weeks ago. As a result I've received wonderful feedback which I'm grateful for, but one email from Louisiana I really didn't anticipate.

"Dear Meir Kaplan, It is refreshing to know that although you didn't really have time to visit Mrs. Esther, you kept your word.

"...It is wonderful to see today some people still keep their promises. Although I am not Jewish, I support the Jewish community. 

"Being a member of IFCJ, you inspired me to keep my commitment to help the elderly Jews in need in Russia...  

"...thanks for inspiring me to keep up my pledge... The value of a man is only as good as his or her word!"

New Orleans, LA

I thought the power of the story played itself starting from Victoria to Ramat-Gan and connecting to Bergen Belzen, turns out that it continued to New Orleans and from there to Russia. The power of a Mitzvah... 

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