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Heartwarming Note

Friday, 1 March, 2013 - 2:15 pm

Over the years we have received many different thank you cards and letters from members of the community, but the one we have received this week was very special. 

The Purim party on Sunday was really amazing. Many people, young and old, celebrated with big smiles and lots of dancing in the spirit of the joyous holiday. There was a strong feeling of warmth, community and togetherness.

A memorable moment for me, was when in the middle of the intense dancing, I found myself in a little circle with a grandfather, a father and a little granddaughter. I looked on their faces and they were all glowing with the same energy.  At that moment it was clear to me that all the effort and cost invested in the party was well worth it.

But when a day after Purim I found in our mail box a picture drawn by the toddler as her appreciation for the party with a note from her parents and grandparents - I knew that the Joy of Jewish life has been transmitted to yet another generation. Anything more heartwarming than that?

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