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How do you manage?

Friday, 1 February, 2013 - 4:06 pm

Since the birth of our new baby boy - Shalom Ber, many have asked Chani and me time and again "how do you do it? How do you manage with seven young children?!"

Instead of answering the question let me share with you a snapshot of what's happening right now (Friday, 12:53pm) in our home:

Chani is tending to the baby, Mussi (9) is preparing a cake for dessert, Rivky (8) is cleaning her room, Leibel (7) is peeling a yam for the Shul's cholent, Mendel (5) is making lunch for himself, Rochel (3) is licking the leftover batter of the cake while helping Shaina (1.5) with her lunch, and I can sit quietly (relatively...) in the office and write this blog...

Please don't get me wrong, our children are not angles, they can fight with each other and they can be difficult, but they are also the best friends of one another, and the greatest gift that we could have wished for.

Comments on: How do you manage?

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Dear Rabbi and Rebbitzin,
Your loving, attentive parenting is evident in your confident, friendly kinder. It is a pleasure watching them mature. May your kinder always be a great source of Nachas.

Morah Faiga wrote...

Thank you so much for all that you share with us: in this blog, in shul, in classes and at all the events you produce and attend. May your family continue to grow.

Shari Brown wrote...

A Beautiful Family Indeed!!

Marem wrote...

purim was fun here tooi wish i could meet greena rchoel and see her in her costume, auntie julie told me it was ADORABLE!so do i, u would love her so much! i tell her about you all the time the way yo used to tell me about the alta bubby and your bubby do you still remember any other the stories?some but not all, the one about how the alta bubby sang on the boat for fruit from europe to america . yes, because they didn't have enough money and had to go steerage class, i hope you tell her all the stories i told you about my mother and bubby- its your job to keep memories alive i do but every time i tell them or start to think about you i cry, i now understand why you would cry when you talked about them . its hard because i miss you so much i miss you to dolly, please don't be cry you keep mine and papa's memory alivei love youi love you too demi doll