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A lesson on Mezuzah

Friday, 18 January, 2013 - 2:42 pm

I never thought that the porters bringing the fridge to my home will be teaching me a lesson about Mezuzah, but I had greater surprises before..
When the strong guys were schlepping the fridge, there was barely enough space to pass through the doorways, one of them asked me if they can take off this "plastic things" on the doorway, referring to the Mezuzah, so they can have a bit more space. 
After their succesful effort, I thank them for their great job, and as token of appreciation I gave them a tip. It was a generous tip, probably due to my high spirit, following the birth of our new baby the previous day...
The man was very thankful, "we don't usually get anything significant from the costumer, it is very kind of you and much a appreciated" he said.
As he was about to leave he turned back and asked "by the way, I've seen this things on doorways before, what is it all about?"
"It is biblical commandment" I explained "the parchment inside has the fundation of Jewish faith written on it in Hebrew, to remind us of our belief in G-d and His protection".
"And it reminds you to be kind" he added. I hope it does, every day, not only after we were blessed with a new, beautiful child. 

Comments on: A lesson on Mezuzah

Don Morris wrote...

Beautiful story -
Must have been a fine gentlemen; the porter. Thanks Rabbi for sharing this!

eric griffiths wrote...

Re picture of the it! sure looks a lot like R. L. Dubrawski at that age....a great heritage to be very proud of! MT. On the member of your family recently added! Another blessing to be sure...