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From Victoria to the world

Friday, 7 September, 2012 - 1:43 pm

Following the post of the High Holiday Services video clip, I have received great feedback which I'm very grateful for, but there was another response which I have not anticipated.

photo.JPGIn the video, I introduced the page sign, which we designed in Victoria, to be used in our shul to help congregants know the page the chazan is on so they can follow along in Hebrew or English.

Since I posted the video on YouTube two days ago, I have been contacted by over a dozen Rabbis who have come across it and wanted to know how they can order one for their shuls. Rabbis from as close as Vancouver and Spokane, as well as rabbis from places like Nuremberg, Luzern in switzerland and Shanghai in China expressed interest. 

I spoke to the carpenter and we are planning to, G-d willing, mass produce it and sell it to shuls across the globe. I'm amused by the thought that our little shul will provide tools for synagogues around the world... 

Comments on: From Victoria to the world

INNA and ALEX wrote...

We are so proud of your ingenious initiative and are happy that it generated such an interest around the world!

Wonderful !

Rabbi Binyomin Bitton wrote...

Innovative Rabbi!!

Can we please order one for Chabad of Downtown Vancouver?

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Dear Rabbi,
This is absolutely remarkable! Why not make this invention available to other places of worship? Schools and universities may be interested. I see huge potential! Shabbat shalom.

Andrea Grinberg wrote...

This is fabulous! I know our shul in Chicago (Anshe Shalom) and many others could really use this!

Chaim wrote...

thanks agian rabbi meir!

Siddhant wrote...

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