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Heaven on Vancouver Island

Friday, 6 July, 2012 - 1:47 pm

Dear friends,

"Where you ever in Tofino?" I was asked, once again, last Friday night. "No," was my response somewhat embarrassed. "How could it be that you have Tofino around the corner and you never visited?! We came all the way from Israel to see it! It's like visiting the Garden of Eden!" 

This is a synopsis of a conversation I had with two couples, visiting from Petach Tikva, Israel who were our guest for dinner.

These visitors couldn't stop describing their excitement from the sightseeing they had in the past week in the Canadian Rockies and Tofino. “My husband and I were dreaming for decades to come see this magnificent place, and finally we made it. This is like experiencing heaven!”

You can imagine how it felt, being unable to participate in the conversation or comment anything about the ‘heaven’ which is in my neighborhood…

Shabbat morning services was great as always in our little Shul. After the lively Kiddush, I went to say good bye to our new friends, when one of the women shared “originally we were debating the plan of spending Shabbat in Victoria, which was out of our traveling route. We are so happy we came. In fact Shabbat in Victoria was the highlight of our visit!”

I no longer felt so terrible for not yet visiting Tofino. It seems that to experience Heaven, after all, it’s a question of perspective.


Comments on: Heaven on Vancouver Island

Amnon M Cohen wrote...

While Heaven is represented so well on our Island, it does reach much further worldwide, and is experienceable in many other gifted regions created for all life = Alohim's children...