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Meeting friends for the first time...

Friday, 1 June, 2012 - 5:35 pm

Dear friends, 

On Thursday Chani and I passed another stage of parenting. For the first time me let our child travel for a few days on her own. Well, not entirely on her own but without her parents. Rivky(8) just left very special trip for a unique meeting in Calgary.

As some of you know, being that at this time there is no Jewish day school in Victoria; we have made a choice to enroll our children in the Shluchim online school - an internet school geared to children of Chabad families from small communities around the globe.

online school.jpgEvery morning three of our children sit by their computers to enter their virtual classrooms, where their teachers and all of their friends meet them. In this interactive classroom the children see each other, “raise their hand” to ask questions, they get to write on the board, comment and participate. In the breaks they chat and play with the other kids in a safe and friendly environment.

What they don't get to do is - to touch their friends, hold their hands, jump with one another and play the games they love most. To see their closest school friends in real life, they need to travel to places like Guatemala, Florida, California or Iowa. 

Rivky is very lucky that three of her online school friends, live in Calgary, which is just one hour flight away... So when Morah Feigah generously offered to fly there with Rivky for Shabbat so she can meet her friends, we couldn't resist. 

Rivky was talking about this trip for months. For many nights she couldn't sleep from anticipation. In the last few days she collected her precious items from all over the house and divided them into three decorated bags... on the day she left she was overwhelmed with emotions.

We just heard from Rivky and she seems to be having a wonderful time. She got to play with her friends; they baked together and prepared for Shabbat hand in hand. One never knows - they may even get to fight, for the first time...


Comments on: Meeting friends for the first time...

Inna Smolov wrote...

A beautiful story, Rabbi.
There are so many stages in parenting Odyssey, so to speak.

You see, it works, when you let them fly ( in a direct sense) and in all other senses as well.

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Dear Rabbi,
Mazel Tov! Thank you for sharing this wonderful milestone. Indeed, once we have children, our lives are measured via their experiences.
The other remarkable detail in this message is the Chabad Virtual classroom. It is wonderful that Chabad families in small communities can access the level of education essential for their kinder. Is this online school available for those wanting to home school?
Shabbat Shalom!

Fiona Prince wrote...


It is such an honour for me to escort Rivky to meet her friends in real life. She is an excellent travel companion.

One of Rivky's friends met her at the airport. I don't know what I was expecting -- a giggle, a hug, maybe a kiss -- but no...they were speechless! And they couldn't take their eyes off each other.

When they drove away I could see them sitting in the back seat, staring and smiling. I know they're going to have a wonderful adventure.

I am staying with my family and will see Rivky again on Sunday morning when we travel to the airport to come home. I am looking forward to her stories.

Good Shabbos from Calgary
Morah Faigah