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Time to keep my promise

Wednesday, 25 April, 2012 - 7:17 pm

I trust that by now, you have received our invitation to take part in the Friday-night candle lighting and dinner in honour of our daughter Rochel's third birthday. What you may be surprised to hear is that this event is a fulfillment of a promise I made to you, which is a marvellous story on its own. 

On September 8th, 2008, we celebrated the upshernish (first haircut ceremony) of our son, Leibel, in a great celebration in front of the Chabad Centre in Victoria. This celebration was very special to me, as that year was 10 years since my father's passing, whom Leibel is named after. You may recall how Leibel said some torah verses out loud and the crowd recited after him.

Being that an upshernish marks the beginning of a child's Jewish education, I was asked by community members how we mark this occasion for a little girl. At the closing of the event, I mentioned that our Rebbe suggested for Jewish families to start the education of mitzvot for girls by candle lighting on Erev Shabbat, and many have turned this occasion into a community celebration of the inauguration of a girl’s education. "Our two older daughters’ birthdays are both during Pesach and it wasn't practical to have a communal event at that time of year..." I said. "But, though I can't give you a date to mark your calendar, G-d willing, for our next daughter’s third birthday, you'll be invited to a candle lighting ceremony in honour of the occasion…"

Nine months later, on the 7th of May, 2009, we embraced a new baby girl and named her Rochel. We thank the Almighty for His blessings and next Friday we will try to keep our promise...


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freida kesselman wrote...

Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! May this daughter, and all your other children, bring you an abundance of Nachas with much happiness in good health. Although we can't join your celebration physically, we WILL be with you in spirit!