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Traveling lesson

Thursday, 12 April, 2012 - 3:44 am

Last week I wrote about my tears on Erev Pesach in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, and the great lesson I learned that day, it was only 13 years later that this story came to a closure.

One morning last year I was invited to a friend's home, while sitting in their living room I was introduced to their friend visiting from the US. After a short conversation I learned that this man, who was known to be very successful with a promising future, was now in the midst of a great downturn in his personal life, he was humiliated in a terrible manner, so much so that he wasn't sure there was a way for him to get out of it.

I listened to the recent events in his life and since it was close to Pesach, I immediately thought of my experience in Ukraine, so I shared with him my story, and the lesson that “some times from a low point, when you are hopeless and loose your pride - this is when you become worthy of G-d's salvation...”

When I finished telling the story, he looked at me and asked: who did you say was your partner in making Pesach there? When I told him the full name - he was shocked. "Mendy is the Chabad Rabbi in my city, I celebrated the last High Holidays in his Shul!"

The next time I met him he had some corrections to the story, that he heard from Rabbi Mendy... And things have taken a sharp turn for him, for the better...

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