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Defining moment of education

Friday, 9 March, 2012 - 5:44 pm

While it seems like Leibel got his fair share of coverage lately, I think this incident and picture is worth sharing 

Two weeks ago, Leibel, who is 6 years old, took for the first time a pencil and paper trying to make a portrait of a figure he knew. When he looked on the finished product - he himself was surprised by the success; we were stunned.

Leibel's picture.JPGI asked him to draw a picture of my father, who he is named after. A short while later he came up with a drawing that actually captured the look of his grandfather, who he never had the privilege to meet.

Leibel looked on the paper and realized that he just found in himself a talent he had no idea he contained. He saw the faces of his parents and sibling and he was filled with pride of his accomplishment.

I realized that it is a defining moment. "Leibel" I said "Hashem has given you a special gift, you didn't work for it or earn it, how are you going to thank Him for it? In what way are you going to serve Him with this talent?"

Children are so sincere. Leibel listened carefully and then his facial expression changed to one of gratitude and perhaps even humility. "When I daven, I'll make sure to thank Hashem for this too" he said. 

Comments on: Defining moment of education

Lesley Friedmann wrote...

Leibel, I am also stunned with your artistic capabilities. This image is expressive and at first I thought this portrait was drawn by an adult. The proportions of the face are indicative of those used by an artist much older than yourself. The face is alive and I feel the soul of the person you drew coming out to me. Wow!

Hanane wrote...

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