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Hodu l’Hashem Ki tov!

Thursday, 26 January, 2012 - 2:35 pm

With your permission, I'd like make an exception and write about some items in the news, which may have not attracted your attention, and I think that they deserve a blog.

Last week, a few terrorists were caught in Azerbaijan by the local police days before they were supposed to execute their plan of killing, G-d forbid, two Chabad Rabbis who ran the Jewish day school of Baku and the Israeli Ambassador to the country. This came only weeks after Israeli intelligence, with the cooperation of the local security agencies, foiled the plan of attacking synagogues and the Israeli embassy in Bangkok, Thailand at the very last minute.

As a nation, we owe our deep appreciation to the men and women of the security forces in these countries for saving us from horrific tragedies that could have stricken our people.

After the heartbreaking attacks in the past, we have been "upset" with G-d, and very rightly so, for not protecting the innocent who have lost their lives for the crime of being Jewish. Shouldn't we, on days like this, thank Him for the divine intervention in tracking down these murderers shortly before proceeding with their dreadful plans? Would it be right to just "blame" G-d for the horrors?

Hodu l’Hashem ki tov ki l’olam chasdo! Offer thanks to G-d for He is good, for His kindness is everlasting!

Comments on: Hodu l’Hashem Ki tov!

Lindy Shortt wrote...

Amen v' Amen.

May we, Am Yisrael, experience only peace and joy and gratitude for Hashem's goodness this Shabbos.

Lindy Shortt

INNA wrote...

I am glad, that AzerbaIjani police is so efficient. I am sure they were tipped by you know who. THANK G-D !
We should only be victorious always, with G-d's help. AMEN