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The "Touch and Feel" book

Friday, 20 January, 2012 - 12:43 pm

 Our daughter Rivky came to me this week with yet another book she was writing and illustrating.... While looking through the pages, I realized that one of the pages was wrinkled. Here is Rivky's explanation:  

“After cutting the pages for my new book, and stapling it together, I spilled by mistake a cup of water on the table, which wetted that page, so I decided to turn it into a ‘Touch and Feel’ book, and that page will talk about water that was spilled”.

Children are sometimes our best teachers. What a beautiful lesson of how to turn our errors and failures into advantages! We all spill every once in a while. We can be upset about it, or we can have the wisdom to turn it into another beautiful page in the magnificent book of our lives.

Don't cry on milk that you spilled. Turn it into joy!

Comments on: The "Touch and Feel" book

INNA wrote...

So true, Rabbi !
Thank you for the beautiful story.
Children are so creative and innocent, if only we, as we grow into adults, could retain some of their beauty of the soul.


Malca wrote...

To learn one must open ones senses including ones heart. You learn so much because of how open you are. Thank you for sharing such simple yet wonderful insights.

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Thank you Rabbi for sharing this delightful story. it reminds us that there is much to learn from our kinder. Wishing Rifky good luck as a future author.

Supri wrote...

it doesn’t want any religious sybmlos at City Hall. The city considers a menorah religious and a Christmas tree secular. Wow, that seems like a pretty clear double-standard.