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"The very best things in my retirement life"

Friday, 13 January, 2012 - 1:29 pm

 Dear friends, 

Mr. Max Gross is our senior Shul attendee. He is very popular with the adults, but even more so among the children. Max gives out sweets to the children who come to Shul on Shabbat morning, he always does it with his “Zeidy” smile and pinch on the cheek, "the candy man" is how they call him lovingly. The excitement that he brings to the children is evident from the following story with our son Mendel.

About a month ago, we had some work that had to be done in our house, so I called a "handy Man". I told the children that he would be in our home momentarily. To my surprise Mendel was jumping from excitement, "the Candy Man is coming" he shouted...

Max has been coming to Shul from the very beginning, when we had services in our home over seven years ago. Since then he very rarely missed a Shabbat. At this point I can't imagine our Shul without him, his gracious words, kindness and happy spirit enriches our Shul greatly. I wish him, Marjory and the children many more years of health, joy and Nachas.

What brought me to writing about this dear friend, is the comment he told me before leaving Shul last Shabbat, as he gave me his usual warm handshake "I enjoy so much coming to this Shul”, he said. “This is the very best thing in my retirement life".

I am so thankful to Max for expressing his positive feelings about our Shul, and I’m sharing it today, perhaps someone could benefit from Max's insight...

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