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The Menorah is standing tall and shining bright!

Friday, 23 December, 2011 - 1:58 pm

Just as last year, this Chanukah we have organized Menorah Lightings in cities across Vancouver Island and the Golf Islands. It was only after I left the Menorah lighting in Nanaimo City Hall that I came to this realization. 

I thought about the conversations I just had with the wonderful group of people that we met at the ceremony, some for the first time.

One couple who is expecting a baby boy, asked about a Bris. Another family inquired about a baby naming for their new granddaughter. We discussed Bar Mitzvah lessons over Skype for a young boy. There was a young woman, whose father was Jewish and wanted to convert in accordance to Jewish law. Then a family whose grandmother fell ill and asked about arrangements for a proper Jewish burial.

Here we are, more than two thousands years after the Syrian Greeks contaminated the Menorah and thought to bring an end to Jewish practice, and now, all of us, no matter where we live and what kind of "label" we may attach to ourselves, are still so committed to our faith and observance. The Menorah is standing tall and shining bright!

Comments on: The Menorah is standing tall and shining bright!

Nick Bassett wrote...

Thank you for coming to Nanaimo with the menorah.

Elisabeth Gelb wrote...

Shalom Rabbi,
The Chanukah lighting in downtown Duncan was
inspiring. As well, it is important to network with our non Jewish neighbors so they can understand our customs. Chabad connects us to Judaism and is also an important ambassador for Jews worldwide.