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Watch the energy

Friday, 2 December, 2011 - 12:19 pm

Dear friends,

I want to write to you about the conference of Chabad Rabbis which I return from this week - but I can't find the words which will describe even close to what it is; I wish to describe to you the energy in pier 12 in Brooklyn when thousands of Rabbis celebrate together – and I simply can’t; I wish to express the emotion of seeing the dream of the Rebbe come true - but I don't know how to convey it adequately.

Please watch for yourself, one of the highlights of the Kinus this year, the address by Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth Dr. Jonathan Sacks at the banquet of the convention:


Comments on: Watch the energy
12/2/2011 wrote...

What an excellent talk by Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks! I am not surprised because I heard him at his Shul in London in May of this year and I was most impressed then. Of course, this talk was delivered directly to the Shluchim and their extraordinary work on behalf of the Rebbe, but it resonated completely with those of us who are blessed enough to receive the Rebbe's vision through the Shluchim. In so many ways, Rabbi Sacks encourages each of us, as does the Torah and as did the Rebbe,regardless of our level of observance, to be, as Yidden, a light to both Yid and non-Yid.
May we continue to be a light.

Shabbat Shalom from Puerto Vallarta.

Shmuel and Lindy

Moishe Leib wrote...

If I were to meet Rabbi Sacks I would tell him that Rabbi Meir Kaplan has brought the "Light Of Chabad" to us on Vancouver Island. The Rebbe would know that he has sent us a leader who makes us leaders to "stand up" as Jews no matter what. Boruch Hashem.