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Soul meeting in Comox

Friday, 28 October, 2011 - 5:09 pm

Dear friends,

Last week, as of every year on Sukkot, we traveled with a “sukkah mobile” to visit Jews across Vancouver Island. Only yesterday did I realize the significance of one meeting we had in Comox at the end of a long day. 

When we arrived in Comox, a small group met us to celebrate the holiday on that beautiful day. One of the people mentioned that Mike, a Jewish elderly man who lives close by, was planning to come but wasn’t well enough to get out.

I offered to go to his house with the sukkah to bring the festivity to his home. We confirmed on the phone that he would be ready to see us in a few short minutes.

Mike.jpgWhen Mike (in the picture) came out and saw the sukkah in the driveway of his house, he got very emotional. "Though I grew up with all of this, I haven’t practiced it for many, many years." As he held the lulav and began to say the bracha, he broke out in tears...

I've often experienced emotional reactions to the “Sukkah Mobile” visits, including earlier that day, when an Israeli couple met us in Cowichan Bay "by accident," and was amazed to celebrate Sukkot in the middle of “nowhere”, but this was something else.  

Mike was grateful for our visit in an extraordinary way. "I can't thank you enough,” he said, “it made it my happiest day in a long, long time".

Yesterday I was informed that Mike just passed away.

Traveling with the sukkah across the Island was well worth it, if only to visit Mike, do a mitzvah with him, share some moments of joy, and reconnect him with his roots days before his soul returned to his creator.

Comments on: Soul meeting in Comox

Stan and Lindy Shortt wrote...

Once again,our hearts were deeply touched by the people you consistently reach out to. May Mike's memory be a blessing!

Shabbat Shalom,

Stan and Lindy

Harry Abrams wrote...

Deeply touching story.
Many of us who were away from our Jewishness, but then returned can relate similar stories.

Kathryn Deo wrote...

Thank you very much, Rabbi Kaplan, for taking the sukkah to my father. It was a very emotional and meaningful day for him, and it truly was a mitzvah. Thank you for your good work.
Warm Wishes,
Kathryn Deo