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The answer to the murderers

Friday, 23 September, 2011 - 5:45 pm

Dear friends,

Six months ago on Friday night, after the Fogel family put their children to sleep, two terrorists broke into their peaceful home and murdered the parents and three young children, including a three month old baby. The brutal attack left us all shocked to the core and with great sadness. The answer to it came this month.

Following this terrible attack, I have written to you about our plan to create the "Jewish Enrichment Program" in memory of their pure souls.

Two weeks ago, at the beginning of the new Hebrew School year, the program was launched. Every child went home with a beautiful kit, including Hebrew reading practice book, Aleph Bet flash cards and very interesting reading material on Jewish Heroes, with a special weekly assignment card for every day of the week. The children receive prizes weekly for completing their tasks.

"I am delighted with Chabad’s Jewish Enrichment Program (JEP). My son loves learning Hebrew this way – getting faster at saying and identifying words to learning about the Jewish heroes, Avraham and many others. . Having not studied Hebrew for many years, I too find that my Hebrew is quickly improving". This email is just one of many warm responses we have got since. This program has created a great enthusiasm by children to learn about their heritage, a new commitment from parents to get involved in the children’s Jewish upbringing, and allowed parents to brush-up on their knowledge as well...

This week we will reach out and extend our invitation to children on Vancouver Island who can’t attend Chabad Hebrew School to participate in this wonderful program of Jewish continuity.

The children of the Fogel family didn't make it to get their Jewish education; children on Vancouver Island are doing it for them.

Comments on: The answer to the murderers

Fiona Prince wrote...

It is such a m'chaya (pleasure) to be part of this program. The children are so happy to show me their completed homework cards and tell me how far they've come since I saw them the previous week.

It's amazing how much progress they are making with only 10 minutes a day of homework. Already, two children have completed and passed a level; and next class, I expect two more to pass two levels (they got ahead of me!).

Thank you so much for the opportunity to contribute to our community and to honour the Fogel family.

Morah Faiga

69vrkd wrote...