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Ho Chi Minh to Victoria

Friday, 12 August, 2011 - 5:08 pm

Dear friends,

When I was asked this week by Tuvia to give him the contact information for the Chabad Rabbi in Istanbul - it was very special, and not only since the Rabbi there is my first cousin.

Six years ago I got an email from the new Chabad Rabbi in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, telling me about a fellow Victorian, who visited Chabad on Shabbat, "Perhaps you should contact him", Rabbi Hartman suggested.

When I called Tuvia he thanked me for my call and told me "that was good for Vietnam, in Victoria I'm fine, but if I'll be interested I'll get back to you"...

It was one evening in the winter, after a class, that one of the participants called me aside "you remember the exchange we had a few years ago? I think I'm now ready to get actively involved in Jewish life and learning here..."

Tuvia is a very bright and knowledgeable person and I very much enjoy our regular chavrutah (one-on-one learning) since.  When he asked me for the contact info for Chabad in Istanbul, I remembered how it all started in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam...

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INNA wrote...

We should cherish each other in all corners of the world.

It was meant to be.


Adelaide wrote...

Could you write about Phsycis so I can pass Science class?