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Gift of fish

Friday, 5 August, 2011 - 4:06 pm


Dear friends,

It was exactly six years ago when my neighbour knocked on our front door holding a few big beautiful pieces of salmon and asked me if I can make use of them. 

I stood there wondering why I was deserving of such a great gift. He saw my expression and explained. "Our freezer broke and we have all this defrosted fish, which we can’t eat on our own"... I thanked him kindly for the great surprise and brought the fish into the kitchen.

As some other summer evenings, we were expecting guests for dinner, Chani had already started preparing supper, and there was chicken defrosting in the sink.

At that moment it hit me. It was the first day of Av, and as you may know, during the first nine days of Av – Jewish law forbids eating any meat (aside for Shabbat). It was our neighbour (who never came to our door before or after that occasion...) who thankfully reminded us to observe this Jewish custom.

For supper that night we shared with our guest a great west coast meal of Pacific salmon, and yet another wonderful story of Divine Providence.

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