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Avi's faith

Friday, 29 July, 2011 - 3:33 pm

Dear friends,  

One of the greatest Mitzvahs and acts of kindness in Judaism is to honour a deceased person after his or her soul has departed. Part of this Mitzvah is "Shmirah" - someone should stay with the body from the time of death till the funeral. This week, following the passing of Dr. Avi Destin, I was asked to be in the room early Tuesday morning.
When I walked into the room, I immediately recognised the Talit bag lying next to Avi. Avi brought it for many months every Sunday morning to put on Tefillin and pray at our Shul.
Sitting in the room beside Avi and the Talis bag - made me realize the special man I got to know for the last few years of his life.
While I heard from many people that he was a great professor of mathematics and an accomplishing scientist for many decades - I knew a very different aspect of Avi.
Avi’s way of relating to the creator was like a child, with great simplicity. When Avi would put on Tefillin and say the Shema - many times tears would stream from his eyes, he would constantly thank G-d for everything in his life, "Baruch Hashem" he would say again and again.
While Avi was a brilliant man, I will remember him for his humility. Avi understood the real meaning of faith - connecting with a higher reality and conscience - which transcends intellect. 
May his soul rest in peace and may we get inspired from a special man who has lived among us.
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