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Regards from my Helsinky friend

Thursday, 21 July, 2011 - 7:32 pm

Dear friends, 

One of the reasons I enjoy the so-called summers in Victoria is the visitors. Usually Shabbat brings some new faces from communities around the world. They share stories about their families and communities, adding a great deal to our Shul life. Last Shabbat it was something special.

The couple visiting from Bet-El, Israel, was great. We had some nice conversations and they seemed to enjoy the community very much. On Saturday night, when they came to hear Havdallah, Matti told me, "I have been to Chabad in many places and I enjoyed meeting all the Rabbis, but with one of them I really developed a relationship. I consider him my best friend.”

When I heard his name - I realized we had a great friend in common. Rabbi Benyomin Wolf of Helsinki, Finland, is a close friend of mine from yeshiva. We studied together, ran summer camps together and traveled across the world to dance at each other's weddings.

In fact, he was a big influence in our decision to move to Victoria. Not only was he the first one who introduced me to Vancouver Island (I had never heard of this beautiful place before; a month later we made it our home for life...), he also encouraged me to come to Victoria, and he still takes pride in the work that we do here... 


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