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What Hashem does is all for the good!

Friday, 27 May, 2011 - 3:40 pm

Dear friends,

Sunday morning we woke up for another one of those busy mornings, doing the last bit of shopping, preparing the food, we had a few hours to get ready for the community  BBQ.

Rivky and Leibel were running around the house collecting the items needed, Mussi and Mendel were making the shish kabobs in the kitchen, while Chani was tending to Shaina’s needs and delegating. Meanwhile, Rochel seemed to enjoy the happenings... I was running outside to load the grill onto the truck, which thank G-d, just fit in (by less than an inch!).
I was at the park first, starting to set up, and as usual, every few minutes on the phone with Chani asking for her good advice, or remembering more things which we forgot, or would be nice to have.
While setting up the food with some volunteers, the container of the salad dressing dropped and spilled all over the ground. I called again “Chani, where are you?” “We just picked up a few things from the Shul and we’re on our way over”, she answered. “I guess we'll have to manage without salad dressing, it all spilled” I said. “Oh no, that's not good” Chani responded “I guess I'll have to go back and prepare a new one”.
Mussi chuckled from the back seat of the van and started singing words of a song played often at our home, “but what Hashem does is all for the good“!
It was one of those moments when you realize how children, with their innocence, help make our faith a reality.

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