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Moishe Leibs

Thursday, 12 May, 2011 - 8:13 pm

Dear Friends, 

Last Wednesday, a family in town, who had a baby boy, contacted me to assist with the brit arrangements. When the grandmother told me the boy’s name, I knew I needed to inform a specific individual of the occasion. 

Moishe Leib, who most of you know by Marvin, is eighty some years old, a very active member of the community, and a great man. I thought he would enjoy attending, perhaps for the first time, a brit of a child given the same name, "Moishe Leib." I asked him if he could attend the brit on Wednesday afternoon. Marvin explained to me kindly that due to another engagement, he wouldn’t be able to participate.

On Wednesday, when I received the email from the chair of the Light of Shabbat project of the delivery routes for this week, I was surprised to see that Marvin was assigned to the Langford route, and guess what!? Number 5 of his delivery sheet was the family with the newborn baby boy.

While you are reading this blog on Friday, the two Moishe Leibs of Vancouver Island are meeting for the first time. Bashert...

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