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The strange gift

Thursday, 5 May, 2011 - 8:30 pm

Dear Friends,

Last Friday, I stopped at Aubergine to do my last shopping before Shabbat. To my surprise, Matt, a young boy working at the store, handed me a strange gift.  

He held in his hands heavy metal, antique keys. "I brought them from Amsterdam. Tomorrow I'm going back home. I think I should leave them behind ... Do you need them?"

At first, I thought, what will I do with antique keys... but then I remembered that Mendel loves keys, so I graciously accepted the gift.

It was only when I got home that I realized the significance of the gift. There is one day in the Jewish calendar connected to a key, and it was that day! There is an ancient Jewish practice to make for this past Shabbat a "Shlissel Challah" - a challah in the shape of a key, to represent the gates that have been open for us after the festival of Pesach.

I don't know what Matt had in mind, and Mendel wasn't too excited about keys that don't actually open anything, but I thought it was great Divine providence...

Comments on: The strange gift

Oscar Pelta wrote...

Baruch Hashem, one of the many miracles that occur often for those that have eyew to see.

Sid Tafler wrote...

I wonder these keys belong to an Amersterdam family that was lost in the war.

Ana Porzecanski wrote...

Hello Rabbi,
I would like to know, from year to year, when this Shabbat of the key comes along; it would be fun to make my jallahs like that, to keep that ancient tradition.