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The greatest gifts al all

Friday, 25 March, 2011 - 1:57 am

 Dear friends,

 This Saturday I will be G-d willing celebrating my birthday. Chani told me of a conversation she overheard the kids having in preparation for this occasion.

They were discussing a gift they’d like to present, and kept bringing up different ideas, using the brilliant imagination that only children have. Then Leibel jumped in with a flash “I have an idea” he said, “we should all go in a big gift box, and when Tatty will open it he’ll find us, because he likes us more than anything!”...

Leibel was right. There is no greater gift that we received from G-d than our precious children; there is no superior source of joy than our kids.

May the Almighty give us the wisdom and strength to always acknowledge this, and to be responsible keepers of the greatest treasure of all.

Comments on: The greatest gifts al all

Fiona Prince wrote...


What is so wonderful about this story is that even though you and Chani devote yourselves tirelessly to serving our small and eclectic community, Leibel knows that you love and cherish your family more than anything else.

When we are busy earning a living to support our families, we need to be sure that they think/feel/know that they are more important in our lives than the work we are doing. We must take time every day to tell them how much we love them and to cherish them.

Thank you for another wonderful story. Good Shabbos. See you in shul
Morah Feygah

Mary Ann wrote...

I'd be happy to get a box of Kaplans for my birthday too! We are so blessed to share with your family. Happy Birthday and many, many more.

Zippy Meir wrote...

What a wonderful birthday present!
Have a happy Yom Huledet, and many happy returns of the day.
Shabat shalom