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The soul on a birthday

Friday, 11 March, 2011 - 1:44 pm

Dear Friends, 

Since I wrote my last blog about the heartbreaking meeting with Mindel and her family, I have received great feedback from many people in the community, which I'm very thankful for, but beyond all  - I have received an email from Mindel herself.

"Thank you so much for your kind words, Rabbi Kaplan. You sent it to me to read yesterday, just before my 41st birthday today!! A beautiful gift."

First of all, I was happy that Mindel didn't object to my sharing her story (although, I made sure to change some identifying details...) but, what really caught me by surprise was to hear that it was Mindel’s birthday on Shabbat!

The Talmud says that on a Birthday the spiritual source of a person's soul shines with power. As Jewish people, our birthdays are marked according to the Jewish calendar, as you may know Hebrew birthdays are usually very much apart from the English date. I rushed to the calendar to check Mindel's Hebrew birthday, and behold: it was on the 27 of Adar I which was last Thursday, the day I had the inspiration to write her story. The power of the soul...

I'm sure you are sharing with me in prayer to the Almighty to send a miraculous recovery to Mindel Bat Chiya.  May she merit celebrating many more birthdays with Joy and Nachas. 

Comments on: The soul on a birthday

Robert Oppenheimer wrote...

Amen to your prayer Rabbi.
What an inspiring story.
I wanted to share with you that when a close family member was very ill, some years ago, a cousin told me not to assume the rather scary prognosis the doctors gave us was accurate. It turned out she was quite right and things worked out much better than we had been told to expect.
The same thing happened to my mother who was given 18 months to live and enjoyed attending the weddings of two sons and the bris/baby blessings of four more grandchildren in the years that followed.
Shabbat Shalom