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The power of a Mitzvah

Friday, 21 January, 2011 - 2:13 pm

Dear Friends,

David (pseudonym), a young Jewish boy from the States, was backpacking around the North West. A few weeks ago he was hospitalized in the psychiatric hospital in Victoria. His loving family was with him for some time, doing all that they possibly could to support him through this difficult time. During that time, I visited him a few times and managed to develop a relationship with David. 

When the family needed to leave, they asked me if I'd be willing to visit with David regularly and be a support for him.  I was honoured to do that.

I enjoyed these visits very much. David is a brilliant, kind and charming man, and the time we spend together was enjoyable and a great learning experience for me. I spoke to his family frequently, updating them on my observations.

Earlier this week I received an email from a man who I have never spoken to before, expressing his appreciation for my efforts.  This man, not even a blood relative to David, completed his letter with: "Thank you again for being so kind. It makes me feel very proud to be Jewish and I have not always felt that way.”

The Ripple effect of a good deed is beyond imagination; sometimes we get a glimpse into it. A Mitzvah in Victoria, BC made a man in Washington, DC proud to be Jewish. No wonder, that's the power of a Mitzvah.

Comments on: The power of a Mitzvah

Marvin Sharpe wrote...

To me the greatest meaning to being Jewish is CHEDESH.

Inna Smolov wrote...

For thousands of years the Jewish Communities in Eretz Israel and in the Diaspora cared deeply for their brethren in need. This is ingrained in our collective consciousness. May we always continue to do this Mitzva.

Dr. Elias Mandel wrote...

The greatest value is that of serving humanity. Hospitals are dying (not literally) for volunteers to help bedridden patients, children, just to meet and talk to them. The hospice patients and old age nursing homes also desperately need human contact and empathy. Especially in Victoria and the island of Vancouver, volunteerism, including at the JCC (Jewish Community Centre) is worth while.