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"My Zeidy"

Friday, 14 January, 2011 - 3:18 am

Dear Friends,  

Last Shabbat, as I gave the weekly sermon, for some reason, I ended the speech in an uncharacteristic way.  Hours later I was blown away by what happened.   

The topic of the speech was about the special grandparents-grandchildren link in Jewish tradition, which is the secret of Jewish survival. When I was about to finish, a song came to my mind called "My Zeidy" which talks about the Zeidy-grandchild relationship in our generation, so I shared it with the listeners.  I explained that it was written and composed by Moshe Yess, and at the spur of the moment I started singing the last paragraph of this beautiful song and that’s how I ended the talk.
At the lunch someone asked to sing the entire song, so we did, all together. Many of the people sitting around the table were deeply moved. For the rest of Shabbat my children didn't stop singing the chorus of the song over and over...
On Sunday chills ran through my body when I was told that Moshe Yess passed away on Saturday evening at the age of 65... Prior to this Shabbat I never spoke about Moshe, or sang any of his songs in Shul, and now, moments before Moshe's soul departed, we all sang "My Zeidy", perhaps the last community to be inspired from Moshe while he was still alive...
May Moshe be remembered for "My Zeidy" and his other songs which brought many Jewish people back home.

Please take a moment to watch Moshe Yess sing "My Zeidy" in Toronto in 1990.  May this be for his memory.

Comments on: "My Zeidy"

Oscar Pelta wrote...

A miracle of beautiful synchronicity that highlights the seamless connection between music from the heart and the spirit

INNA SMOLOV wrote...

Thank you again, Rabbi, for an inspiring story.
It DOES bring memories....
I found another YOU TUBE sight with wonderful old photos. I know now how our ancestors lived in Ukraine and Bessarabia (Moldova).
I highly recommend looking at this website.
I am not able to post this website for security reasons, but when you finish looking at " MY ZEIDI" , CLICK ON THE "SHTETELE BELTZ" YOU TUBE.


lindy Shortt wrote...

I am always awed by the evidence of Hashkachah Praktit.

May Moshe Yess's memory and his music continue to be a blessing and bring many souls back to their Jewish roots.

A gutte Shabbos.


Sharon Fitch wrote...

For me, it is the memories of my Zaidy. Somehow you capture a lifetime....
Gut Shabbos

Sheila Thompson wrote...

Thank you for that poignant touch. You always seem to hit the right note at the right time.
Unfortunately, I never knew either of my Zaidies, and this movie made me awaare of hoiw much I have missed.
Shabbat Shalom,

Gerald B. Stanford wrote...

My Zeidy passed on before I came along, but I have had many Zeidy's who have at various times filled that niche for me but Moshe Yess ties them all together for me and gives me true meaning. May he continue to do so for all who need him and bring us through to a meaningful life and good memories so that we may carry our responsibility happily when it comes due, and Adonai bless Moshe Yess for eternal life in our memories.