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Determination of friendship

Friday, 17 December, 2010 - 1:54 pm

Dear Friends,  

Chani, the children and I spent the past week in Bellevue, WA. While I participated in an advanced course in Jewish Law, Chani and the children had a peaceful time in a house we rented by Sammamish lake.

One of the great treats was to go out to the Kosher restaurant. One day we went to "Island Crust" on Mercer Island. 

When we were ready to leave the restaurant, I was surprised to meet my old time friend from Yeshiva, Mendy, who I hadn’t seen in years. After a friendly chat, we started to make our way to the car. Walking by the cashier, I overheard a conversation where Mendy was asking the attendant to reverse the charges on my card for our family's dinner so he could pay for it.  I got involved in the conversation, and refused, but Mendy insisted that his card would be charged.  "I know what kind of a luxury it is for your family to eat out - I want to pay for it!"

I'm writing about this little incident to share with you the determination of friendship. Above all the advanced studies I gained this week, I hope to take this lesson home with me.

Comments on: Determination of friendship

Ireta Fisher Cowall wrote...

Thanks for the enlightening story. It is always wonderful to begin Shabbat with acts iof geneurosity and a state of grace.

Josh wrote...

Mi k'AmCha?!!! What a great story